Asadullah Ansari

Build-Up Your Problem Solving Skill : Specially Using By C/C++/Data Structure Puzzles/New Technique Algorithm Design/ Understanding New Technology

Intelligence and Brilliancy …

Do you know what’s the definition of brilliant and intellligent. Intelligency can be measure by IQ. I think IQ level  is fixed to all person but i am not sure about it, No one knows about it also. How to increase Intelligency level…Really i dont know is it possible or not… But I am sure You Can increase You Brilliancy Level….

Brilliancy level  =  Intelligecy Level + Knowledge

Now Can you Imagine How much Brilliancy level you can increase…No limit …Because No limit on Knowledge…So guys dont think about your intelligency level that is according to me that’s GOD gifted or many factors of your family background, your brought up i am not talking about after birth , i am talking about when child is in womb of it’s developed.

So guys dont think about intelligency level But You have a power to increase unlimited your Brilliency level by gathering unlimited knowledge…..

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