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Do you know How to improve your problem Skills. Just go through this thread!! Cheers!!!

Appreciation plays Important role to develope problem solving skill !!! Believe it!!!

Posted by asadullahansari on August 21, 2008

You read this Example!!!

Appreciation Advantage

Gather Information from facts More and More or as much as possible

Lot of people does not understand appreciation and someone understand but not able to implement it. Appreciation is not a tough but it’s very simple but One thing it’s Very powerful technique to gather More and More Information from people, from employee, etc. By using this technique in both ways improvement example : In an organization, If Manager use this technique then it’s benefit for organization , as for skill developement of employee, Manager aspects satishfaction etc. So cheers to use this skill.

I will take a example of Military Sytem who are making plan.
Example: Military Planners

Fact: It rained heavily last night

So What? //

– The ground will be wet

So What?

– It will turn into mud quickly

So What?

– If many troops and vehicles pass over the same ground, movement will be progressively slower and more difficult as the ground gets muddier and more difficult.

So What?

– Where possible, stick to paved roads. Otherwise expect movement to be much slower than normal.

While it would be possible to reach this conclusion without the use of a formal technique, Appreciation provides a framework within which you can extract information quickly, effectively and reliably.

Key points:

>> Asking ‘so what?’ repeatedly helps you to extract all important information implied by a fact.

>> Just listen all possible solutions it may be at all not useful but still appreciate his things and keep asking to gather more and
more information

>> Appreciation can be used to recuitement of good employees.

>> Appreciation can make employee- manager relationship good and by this method you can get more excellent solutions than
not using appreciation.


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