Asadullah Ansari

Build-Up Your Problem Solving Skill : Specially Using By C/C++/Data Structure Puzzles/New Technique Algorithm Design/ Understanding New Technology

About Me

I am human being living on earth crazy about new technolies(Non Microsoft Technologies). I did’nt mean that I hate MS technologies.I know new MS Technologies because i have a lot of part time projects based on MS Technologies from, etc .But I never love with MS Technologies. You know why? MS Technologies kill tech knowledge of a person.(Offcourse MS technologies are good for industry coz it reduces manpower in IT indusry).I always like Open Community like Red hat Linux ,OpenMP etc.I know well about Parallel programming by OpenMP & distributed computing.It does’nt matter computer languaes for me,I know almost but I really love C++ to much wrt other languages.

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